Remove is a browser hijacker that is mainly targeted towards Brazilian computer users. It is similar to other hijackers that belong to the same family such as,,,, and more.


Remove Picexa

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Picexa is a potentially unwanted application that was developed by Taiwan Shui Mui Chih Ching Technology Limited. This company is also responsible for other programs of the same type such as Winzipper, Qone8, Omiga-Plus, and others. On its official page, Picexa is promoted as a new image engine that can raise display speed, support 67 formats, and has a "cool interface deco" with over 50 graphics.


Remove is a Chinese browser hijacker that can change your preferred settings without your permission. It usually affects Internet Explorer. The hijacker may also be compatible with other major browsers as well, except for Microsoft Edge.


Remove can be categorized both as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and a browser hijacker. This invader seems to annoy many users because its actions are extremely intrusive. Without even asking for a permission, the PUP changes the user's default search provider, home page, and new tab window. We guess that you do not want to have a useless website for your home page, so we will provide you with the instructions on how to remove from your personal computer system.

Read more... – How to remove? is a website which will occupy your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers, if a browser hijacker manages to slither onto your computer. looks like a decent search engine but if you look at it closer, you will notice that it differs from regular search engines like Google and Yahoo!. Specialists even say that this search engine might cause harm to your computer, so the better you delete, the better.

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feelbegin is a simple browser hijacker designed to annoy its users and earn revenue from their clicks. It is not that dangerous, so you do not need to worry too much. However, despite being not as threatening as, for example, a Trojan horse, it should be deleted from your personal computer. The hijacker is not useful to you in any way. Quite the contrary: it can only make the PC full of malware. It may happen gradually if you keep clicking on commercial advertisements that the PUP (potentially unwanted program) displays everywhere. Every user has to know the signs of an infection by a browser hijacker, so our team will provide you with the essential information on this matter. Firstly, you should see the most obvious thing of all: the changes in your browser settings. Read more... – How to remove?

Searchperform If your browser got hijacked by, do not be upset too much: you can easily remove with our help. What is more, this intruder is not classified as a virus so it will not do a lot of damage on its own. However, it is categorized as a browser hijacker and it might do some harm if used a lot. The potentially unwanted program (PUP) affects only your browser, not the whole computer system. It changes (more accurately, replaces) your favorite home page, default search provider, and new tab window. If you want to use the PC normally again, you have no choice but to delete for good. When it is present on your system, you cannot do any browsing activities because of potential infections that the hijacker can be responsible for. The PUP can affect a lot of browsers, and this includes the ones that are most favorite: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. The hijacker has modified the settings of these browsers without asking for your permission. Therefore, it is your duty to get rid of the attacker. Read more... – How to remove? is a suspicious website to which you may get redirected because of an ad-supported application that you have installed on your computer. If you have adware on your PC, you will also notice other unwanted symptoms. Your browsers will be flooded with never-ending adverts, pop-ups, banners, and links. You will get redirected to various sites that sponsor the program. It is also very likely that your Internet surfing and computer speed will slow down.


Firefox redirect virus Removal

Firefox Redirect virus Firefox redirect virus is a general term used to refer to browser hijackers that are capable of modifying your browser settings without your permission. In most cases, once you get infected with a hijacker, all of your browsers are affected, so this so-called virus can also affect Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or any other web browser. The reason it is not an actual virus is because it cannot harm your system on its own. It can, however, disrupt your online surfing experience and expose you to unreliable data. That is why you should not hesitate to eliminate Firefox redirect virus from your browsers. This article can help you with that. Read more...


internet-start looks like a legitimate website that allows users to search for the information at first sight; however, the truth is that it is not reliable. The first suspicious fact about it is that is spread by a browser hijacker infection. Therefore, might appear on all the main browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox without permission. Have you already noticed the changes applied to your browsers? If so, there is no doubt that a browser hijacker has entered your system and that is why your homepage and search engine have been changed. We highly recommend that you remove if you have already noticed these changes because only pretends to be beneficial but the truth is that it is completely unreliable. There are several risks associated with the browser hijacker which is already present on your system. Read more...